Monday, July 26, 2010

10,000 Maniacs

Determine a band's leader by analyzing a publicity photo.

A band's inclusion on this blog reflects neither an endorsement nor a criticism of its music. This post is merely intended as a spotlight on the inner political workings of a collection of individuals who are in the midst of a cooperative, creative endeavor.

The Process:
You, dear reader, please answer the question, "Who's in charge here?"

After sufficient discussion has taken place, a verdict can then be passed based on a majority vote.

Band: 10,000 Maniacs (post-Merchant)
Genre: Sens-o-tive

Voting ends on: August 2nd, 9:00am CST (GMT-5)

THE VERDICT (Updated!)

Voting has ended.

Here is the tally:
Bald Tan Shirt: 1 vote
White Hat: 1 vote
Graybeard: 2 votes

If it matters at all, I was pulling for you, Joe. But the partially-concealed bearded gentleman is in charge.


McGone said...

Obviously it's not Mary Ramsey, who is given that "She's not one of us, but she is WITH us" acknowledgment. So I have to go with the bald tan shirt in front who has no regard for composition or his bandmates.

And is that Adam West in the hat back there?

Zelmarific said...

I was going to say Mary Ramsey, until I thought about it.

You know, this is just all wrong. I can't vote on this one.

Well, okay. I have to go with the white hat.

Jared X said...

I was tempted to say that Natalie Merchant is still in charge, based on the fact that she convinced the surviving Maniacs to pick a new front lady that would cause no one to forget her.

But then I noticed that Graybeard, standing behind Baldie, is partially concealed. That trumps everything. The partially concealed, gray-bearded Maniac is in charge.

Freida Bee, MD said...

I say the beard. There is an omniscience.

Joe said...

All of these people are boring, therefore I am the leader of this band. I claim it for myself.

janice said...

I'll go for the one in gray shirt..hehe.that's only my guess..

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