Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cheap Trick

Determine a band's leader by analyzing a publicity photo.

A band's inclusion on this blog reflects neither an endorsement nor a criticism of its music. This post is merely intended as a spotlight on the inner political workings of a collection of individuals who are in the midst of a cooperative, creative endeavor.

The Process:
You, dear reader, please answer the question, "Who's in charge here?"

After sufficient discussion has taken place, a verdict can then be passed based on a majority vote.

Band: Cheap Trick
Genre: Rock
Website: http://www.cheaptrick.com/

Voting ends on: September 13th, 9:00am CST (GMT-5)  July 26th, 1:00pm (GMT-5)

THE VERDICT (Updated!)
Voting has ended.

Here is the tally:

Bored Accountant: 4 votes
Bon JOvi: 1 vote
Hand on Hip: 2 votes

Wow, it has been awhile, hasn't it?  My, my, my.  Well, I kind of missed this blog.  I'm starting it up again. I hope you folks will participate, and exercise your democratic privilege.  Love, me.

Oh!  I forgot how these things are done.  Bored Accountant is in charge!!!!


Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

the bored accountant is in charge of peter frampton, eddie van halen, and dwight schultz.

Joe said...

Bon Jovi. He's the leader.

Come on, you know which one I mean.

delight said...

Man on hip THINKS he's in charge, but tubby with cig definitely holds the highest rank.

Zelmarific said...

I think the cigarette holder guy, because he looks the most worried.

Paul said...

The well paid, bored accountant behind the scenes is always in charge.

They "artists" might start with good intentions but things always change.

When I saw Johnny Rotton advertising butter ......

We won't get fooled again


Lott Holtz said...

Vesty McVester is in charge.

Lott Holtz said...

Vesty McVester is in charge.

Lott Holtz said...

Vesty McVester is in charge.

Lott Holtz said...

Vesty McVetser is in charge.

Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

where'd everybody go?

Anonymous said...

very nice

Ana said...

This is such an interesting blog and I'm a bit bummed it's dormant/abandoned... and has been so for quite a while.

Well, if it ever gets back in business, give me a shout - I'd love to be a reader and a participant :) .

Oh, and: the second one, the long-haired Ewan McGregor.

Splotchy said...

Thanks, Ana. I did do this a long time. I got bummed out when I couldn't find a lot of people to participate, which was the point of the whole thing.

If I rev this up ever again, I will let you know.