Sunday, September 9, 2007


Determine a band's leader by analyzing a publicity photo.

A band's inclusion on this blog reflects neither an endorsement nor a criticism of its music. This post is merely intended as a spotlight on the inner political workings of a collection of individuals who are in the midst of a cooperative, creative endeavor.

The Process:
You, dear reader, please answer the question, "Who's in charge here?"

After sufficient discussion has taken place, a verdict can then be passed based on a majority vote.

(Click on the pic for a larger image)
Band: Gojira
Genre: Death Metal

The Verdict (UPDATED!)

Thanks, everyone who cast a vote.

To guy-in-front-with-his-eyes-awkwardly-closed, I feel your pain, but Recycle Michael is in charge.


Flannery Alden said...

Recycle Michale perched on the handrail.

Flannery Alden said...

Recycle Michael that is

Manx said...

I'll go with the Trent Reznor wannabe in the back. He looks like he's presiding over the services.

Jess Wundrun said...

Not reduce.
Not re-use.

I'm w/flannery

It's recycle!

Flannery Alden said...

...Although, Recycle Michael might be the drummer, what with those wrist bands. What about tin-tin on the far right?

Splotchy said...

From what I can tell thus far, it's a tie for first, with the only one not getting a vote thus far being the dude who didn't have his eyes open when they took the picture (I actually double-checked their website to see him in other pics to confirm he actually wasn't blind).

anandamide said...

i'm w/ flannery, it's the recycle guy.

Beth said...

I gotta go with Recycle Michael, too.

Looks like Flannery would get the big circle in our blogband photo, doesn't it?

dguzman said...

Oh man... I was gonna go with Reznor's twin in the back too.

battlemetal said...

Allright, so, to all you obvious noobs who haven't a clue about Gojira nor show any appreciation whatsoever.

Joe Duplantier is NOT the drummer, he is the vocalist. Whereas, his brother, Mario, is the drummer. Or the 'Trent Reznor wannabe in the back' as you so kindly said.

Also, incase you didn't know, Gojira are big environmentalists. Here's hoping you're not as daft as to not have realized Joe's recycle shirt. And not only that, but actually knowing about what From Mars To Sirius is about, among their other albums.

Ugh, I can just go on by pointing out your sheer ignorance but won't because I'm so immensely angered.

Splotchy said...

battlemetal, I appreciate your comments.

The snark does get a little snarky every once in a while.

Just a couple things -- I believe most people who viewed this picture noticed the Recycle shirt -- hence the moniker "Recycle Michael".

And, I realize that this gentleman's name is not Michael -- I think it was chosen for its natural rhyme with the word "Recycle".

Keep on rockin',