Monday, December 22, 2008

The Rubinoos

Determine a band's leader by analyzing a publicity photo.

A band's inclusion on this blog reflects neither an endorsement nor a criticism of its music. This post is merely intended as a spotlight on the inner political workings of a collection of individuals who are in the midst of a cooperative, creative endeavor.

The Process:
You, dear reader, please answer the question, "Who's in charge here?"

After sufficient discussion has taken place, a verdict can then be passed based on a majority vote.

Band: The Rubinoos
Genre: Pop

Voting ends on: Monday, December 29th, 9:00am CST (GMT-5)

THE VERDICT (Updated!)

Voting has ended. Here is the tally.

No One - 1 vote
Captain Whammy Bar - 5 votes
Tony Danza on the left - 2 votes

Obviously, the whammy bar is a symbol of dominance in the world that we call ROCK AND ROLL. Captain Whammy Bar is in charge!


The Imaginary Reviewer said...

I'd say whoever named the song. It really does Hurt Too Much to look at this picture long enough to decide.

McGone said...

Definitely Captain Whammy Bar (third from the left).

TheOtherJennifer said...

This looks like a poor man's Loverboy, sans the red kerchief worn by Mike Reno....while I agree that Captain Whammybar has a certain leadership quality, my vote is for the Tony Danza Super-doppelganger on the left with the pursed lips as in "ooooh that hurts too much what you're doing to me"....

BeckEye said...

I'll go for Tommy Tutone Rubinoo, 2nd from right. The other dude in the middle (2nd from left) is letting Tommy lean on him, which is a sign of submission.

Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

For the record, my official vote goes to the top-n-center guy. But the drummer may actually be in charge for staying out of the picture and making the goofy guitarists line up...?

Now my eyes also "hurt too much".

(p.s. The funny thing about chinese spam is that you're still nauseous two hours later...)

Jared X said...

The photo looks like a group audition for the part of Dirk Diggler in "Boogie Nights: The Musical."

I have to agree with TheOtherJennifer and cast my vote for Tony Danza and his mid-orgasm pursed lips.

the misomaniac said...

youre all crazy.

the guy on right bears distinct resemblance to the picture that guitar hero always uses for advertisements. DISTINCTLY. therefore, he is the Guitar Hero of the group and therefore In Charge. QED.

Tom Braun said...

The two guys on the right have definitely managed to get the instruments up and keep them up, achieving maximum performance and satisfaction. But Mr. Far Right has been going at it for more than four hours now and is starting to wonder if he should be worried. We have no choice but to give it to the picture of confidence, second from right. He gets the football through the tire swing every time.

Sampada said...

Mr. Long nose-second-from-right is the only one to whom nothing is hurting..forget too much..other three are in varying degrees of pain. The odd one out is the cause and is in charge.