Monday, August 6, 2007

Yo La Tengo

Determine a band's leader by analyzing a publicity photo.

A band's inclusion on this blog reflects neither an endorsement nor a criticism of its music. This post is merely intended as a spotlight on the inner political workings of a collection of individuals who are in the midst of a cooperative, creative endeavor.

The Process:
You, dear reader, please answer the question, "Who's in charge here?"

After sufficient discussion has taken place, a verdict can then be passed based on a majority vote.

Band: Yo La Tengo
Genre: Indie Gods

The Verdict (UPDATED!)

Aside from the monkeyshines of Doctor Monkey Von Monkerstein, there was little uncertainty regarding this band's leader.

If you're centered and in front of everyone else, and kissed by the golden rays of the sun, there's probably a good chance you're the leader.

Jin had the audacity of suggesting that I might be responsible for the enormous yellow arrow. I feel like I should get something out of the way, at the very beginning of this blogging endeavor.

I solemnly vow not to alter any band photos in order to affect the outcome of the vote, including but not limited to the following -- blurring, cropping, tinting, people shrinking, fake mustaches and googly-eyes.

Oh, and sun-kissed guy wins it.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I vote Yo. No wait, La is in charge. Crap, it's really Tengo.

Tenacious S said...

Could it be the one that the golden beam of light has descended upon?

Jess Wundrun said...

I would love to say it is the guy with the big yellow arrow pointing to him, but I think that just indicates who has to shell out the $125.97 for gas in the tour-bago.

yellow guy.

jin said...

I say it's the guy in the front.

Might I add that I think you photoshopped the yellow arrow in to distract us?! Is that legal?

Splotchy said...

I wonder if we should just move forward with a verdict, as thus far everyone is in agreement.

jin, if there was some photoshoppin' done on this picture, it was done before I got a hold of it.

I will admit that the yellow arrow did cry out to me a bit.

jin said...

heeheee....I was just teasin ya!